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Dedicated to customer service, integrity and technical expertise, Acendon has been providing consulting services and support to large, mid-sized and small organizations across the US. With strategically placed engineers located throughout the US, Acendon is uniquely position to support clients with sizes ranging from large enterprises to small and mid-sized businesses.

We have an engineering team that is specifically built around supporting small to mid-sized growing businesses. We understand your specific challenges and will come to you with solutions that help meet your budgetary requirements while providing the best support for your organization.

As part of our core practices, we offer you the best products, supported by the best engineers in the industry by using industry's best practices. Our core service offering is built around industry knowledge that acquisition of IT products accounts for no more than 15% of TCO (total cost of ownership) for the product or solution over the lifecycle of the solution. Our entire service and support offering is built around the concept of reducing the TCO and not just the acquisition or support cost.

Our decades of experience in the industry has given us the unique perspective of where your challenges lie and we will come to you with solutions that address your challenges now while supporting your growth into future. One of our largest clients, a Multi-billion dollar a year company started doing business with us when they were a 30 people company. Our support and services for them has scaled with them to support their organization and helped grow their network and infrastructure with them over the years.

For SMB's, our service offerings include Managed Services (remote monitoring and support), IT consulting, hardware/software support and staff augmentation.

For Mid-sized companies, our core offerings include Secure Networking and Network Optimization, Server Consolidation and Document Output services.

Call us today to see how Acendon can support your organization and transform your IT infrastructure into an asset that helps your business grow and excel.